Zidni inverteri

Fujitsu klima uređaj zidni inverter ASYG12KMCE/AOYG12KMCC

84.700,00 RSD

Model No. Indoor unit ASYG12KMCC
Outdoor unit AOYG12KMCC
Power Source V/Ø/Hz 230/1/50
Capacity Cooling kW 3.4(0.9-3.9)
Heating 4.0(0.9-5.3)
Input Power Cooling/Heating kW 0.935/0.960
EER Cooling W/W 3.65
COP Heating 4.17
Pdesign Cooling/Heating(@-10°C) kW 3.4/2.5
SEER Cooling W/W 7.30
SCOP Heating (Avarage) 4.40
Energy Efficiency Class Cooling A++
Heating (Average) A+
Annual Energy Consumption Cooling kWh/a 168
Heating 813
Moisture Removal I/h 1.8
Sound Pressure Level Indoor (Cooling) H/M/L/Q dB(A) 40/35/30/20
Indoor (Heating) H/M/L/Q 42/38/33/22
Outdoor (Cooling/Heating) High 50/50
Sound Power Level Indoor (Cooling/Heating) High 55/58
Outdoor (Cooling/Heating) High 65/65
Airflow Rate (High) Indoor/Outdoor High m3/h 700/770
Net Dimension H x W x D Indoor mm 270x834x222
kg 10
Outdoor mm 541x663x290


Remote Controller Type (Supplied With Unit) Wireless
Interconnecting Cable (Suggested cable size 1.5mm) 3 Core + Earth
Suggested MCB Size Amp 10
Max Operating Current Cooling / Heating A 6.5/9.0
Power Supply To Outdoor
Connection Pipe Diameter (Gas/Liquid) Inch 3/8 & 1/4
Max Pipe Length (Pre-Charge)m 20(15)
Max Height Difference 15
RefrigranatType R32
Chargeg 700
Additional Chargeg/m 20
Opearation Range Cooling °CDB -10 to 46
Heating -15 to 24

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